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There are specific projects to support the work of our kindergarten. With your donation you can contribute to the implementation of these projects. Under the following links you will find detailed information. The projects will be continued in subsequent years if possible.
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Haiti urgently needs help from outside  - now more than ever after the disasters that devastated the country in 2010. It was for this purpose that Haiti-Partner was founded in October 2010.

This name expresses the principle that this support is not meant to be given in an arrogant or condescending manner. Haitians and Europeans can learn from each other. Therefore, we want to be partners of the Haitian people whom we help.

Barbara Charef Bendaha, née Lutz, who lived and worked in Haiti for more than twenty years, was the founder of this initiative. Her primary concern was the children. During her last years there, she started a Christian model kindergarten in the South of the country, she made radio broadcasts for children, and she directed the center of the children's ministry for more than 300 MEBLH churches (Mission Evangélique Baptiste Lumière d'Haiti, Evangelical Baptist Light Mission of Haiti).

Since returning to her home in Germany, she has raised funds for Haiti. This has made it possible for the children and teachers of a kindergarten  to currently receive four meals a week. We hope to be able to pay for five meals per week in the near future. Besides this, people in an emergency get help.


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